Low Voltage Chips

SimpleChips commands a growing Integrated Circuit (IC) product portfolio. and offers some of its technology in the form of Intellectual Property (IP).

Transformer coupled IGBT gate driver

The 16SCT00 is a low-voltage (30V max) MOSFET / IGBT gate driver typically used in systems requiring the ability to control the conduction state of a high-voltage (HV) MOSFET or IGBT switch. The chip requires an input transformer to provide high-voltage isolation, and a low-voltage clock signal and it’s complement applied to the primary of the transformer.  The chip will drive the gate of the HV MOSFET / IGBT switch while the clock signal is applied, and clamp the gate to the emitter quickly to ensure the HV switch is not conducting when the clock stops.


16SCT000 Datasheet

Opto-Coupler or SSR LED Drivers

These devices are resistor programmable current limiters for use in opto-coupler or solid-state relays were a premium is placed on product quality and performance.  Nominally set for 14mA using industry standard 2kΩ setting resistor, the 14SCT00x chips deliver steady performance across the entire extended temperature range of -55°C to 125°C.

Samples Available

14SCT001 Datasheet (6V / 35mA)

Coming Soon

14SCT002 Datasheet (5V / 35mA)