High Side Switch

High Side Switch


High Side Switch 16SCT100The 16SCT100 is a 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch typically used in systems requiring H-bridges. The chip’s integrated circuitry drives an integrated MOSFET gate above the HV supply to ensure that the transistor is adequately saturated. All control lines are low voltage. Package creepage distances allow for 1200V operation without the use of conformal coating or slots.



  • 1200V Blocking Voltage Fully Integrated
  • No External Components
  • Low Rds On
  • Fast Turn-Off Times
  • Low Voltage Enable
  • Small TO-263 package

Block Diagram

High Side Switch 16SCT100 Block Diagram

Typical Applications

High Side Switch 16SCT100 Typical Application

High Side Switch 16SCT100 H-Bridge Application