Voltage Dividers

18SCT001 1.5kV Voltage Divider with Low-Pass Filter

This device is a high-voltage (1.5KV) voltage divider typically used in systems requiring the ability to sense high voltages for example those generated from an embedded charge-pump. The chip has a built-in low-pass filter allowing the chip to filter voltage changes typical of voltage pumping frequencies while allowing accurate voltage measurements when the pump is turned-off. The voltage divider ratio is mask programmable in a wide range from 1.0E-5 to 0.2000.


• Medical Shock Therapy (Defibrillators)
• Industrial High Voltage Sensing


• Maximum Voltage. . . 1500 V
• Nominal Ratio = 0.000735
• Mask Programmable Ratio from 1.0E-5 to 0.200
• Integrated Low-Pass Filter (RC=38uSec nominal)
• High Nominal Resistance 80Meg