INTRODUCING  |  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch  
  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch
A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half‑bridge high‑side switch

About us

What we do

SimpleChips is a fabless semiconductor and intellectual property supplier specializing in:

  • low barrier to entry Custom Integrated Circuits (ASICs);
  • low volume threshold for production deliveries;
  • high-voltage wafer process and integrated circuit design;
  • optoelectronic wafer process and integrated circuit design;
  • integrated circuit sensor design; and
  • ultra low-power CMOS wafer process and mixed-signal integrated circuit design.

The principals of SimpleChips possess a wealth of semiconductor process engineering, analog circuit design, wafer manufacturing and application skills and experience. We have a successful track record of innovation, authoring more than 40 patents to date. This background ideally positions SimpleChips to develop highly innovative and compelling products for a variety of applications, from ultra-low power to very high voltage monolithic analog devices.

We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining strong relationships with our network of clients and suppliers. Our relentless innovation provides novel and compelling solutions for the toughest requirements. SimpleChips applies deep understanding of process and device physics, mixed-signal semiconductor integrated circuit design to help you achieve your product size, power and performance goals.

Management Team

Alain R. Comeau
Alain was educated in semiconductor physics at Sherbrooke University in Quebec Canada. He joined Mitel Semiconductor (now Teledyne Dalsa) in Bromont, Quebec in 1988 first in yield engineering and then as a Senior Process Integration Scientist. He worked in various senior technical roles until 2002. At that time Alain founded SimpleChips Technology Inc. first setting base in Granby, Quebec where the company operated successfully. Finally in 2015 SimpleChips Technology Inc. began operation in Escondido California. Alain combines semiconductor manufacturing and design expertise which allows him to bridge the gap between these two worlds all too often at odds with one another. Over 30 successful years of problem solving at all levels have made him an invaluable asset when addressing challenging problems. As an innovative problem solver, Alain has authored 11 patents and has solved numerous technical problems through the years. His career has seen him maintain high level technical and management roles within various organizations.
  • Technical Director IC Technologies at Microsemi Corporation in Carlsbad CA, responsible for solving process and yield problems across 7 fabs.
  • Manager Analogue Product Technology with Microsemi. Mostly responsible for surge protection production,  roadmap and new product introduction.
  • Senior Member of Technical Staff with EG/G (now Excelitas) in Vaudreuil-Dorion responsible for technical advances to the fabrication of silicon avalanche photodiodes
  • Senior Technical Advisor  Mitel Semiconductor in Järfälla, Sweden responsible for CMOS technology transfers to/from different Mitel plants and critical CMOS fab line problem resolution.
Alain holds the M.Sc. and B.S. degrees in Physic from the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec Canada) and has authored a variety of published papers and patents.11
Stephen J. Swift

Stephen was educated in biomedical electronics at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and has a very strong background in medical device engineering, including ultra low-power integrated circuit design.

Stephen has a long record of bringing complex projects from concept to reality, within time and budget constraints.  He has over 40 years experience designing ultra-low power, mixed signal (analog and digital) CMOS integrated circuits (ICs), hybrid modules and circuit boards, primarily for medical device applications.

Stephen has developed compelling strategic plans with supporting product and technology roadmaps. He is highly versed in the development, deployment and maintenance of world-class quality management systems for highly regulated industries such as implantable medical devices. Stephen’s career highlights include:

  • Senior VP at Microsemi Corporation (formerly Zarlink Semiconductor), General Manager responsible for the medical products group in two design centers, its strategic plan and leading the group to develop innovative radio chips for a variety of medical applications;
  • Manager, ASIC Engineering at Mitel Semiconductor in San Diego CA; and
  • Various leadership and engineering roles at Telectronics Pty. Ltd. in Sydney Australia and Telectronics Inc. in Denver Colorado, designing implanted cardiac rhythm management devices and the integrated circuits they contain.

Stephen holds the BE degree from the University of New South Wales (Australia) and has authored a variety of published papers and patents.

Time line


Carlsbad Facility. To support growth, SimpleChips moved into larger facility. 4200sqft located in Carlsbad which includes a Class 10000 production test floor, electronic laboratory, machine shop and office space.


IGBT Driver launched to the market. The new IC is deployed in a life-sustaining medical implant product.


First product to production. SimpleChips launched a Dual Channel Residual Circuit Breaker (RCBO) for industrial applications.


Developed 1200V-2000V design Capability. Using STD process from Pure-Play Foundry, SimpleChips has developed high voltage BiCMOS components enabling 1200V-2000V design capabilities.


Re-incorporated in California. SimpleChips is back in business, this time the focus is on developing its own family of semiconductor products with a focus on medical implants and Industrial applications while still developing the custom ASICs.


Company put in dormant mode. Founder accepted new role at a Semiconductor company in California.


Developed Ultra-Low dark current Light Sensor. Used in application where sensors need to detect very low light levels under elevated temperature.


Developed complete line of Light Sensors. Seven light sensors were developed for a large Semiconductor company. These sensors mimics near human vision response and were deployed in many Automobiles and PCs to adjust display intensity.


Foundation. SimpleChips offering consulting and IP with focus on light sensors and Analog ICs.