INTRODUCING  |  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch  
  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch
A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half‑bridge high‑side switch

Medical applications

SimpleChips has extensive experience in ASIC design and manufacturing services for medical applications. Our medical ICs are used in medical implant devices providing live sustaining therapies. We have expertise in ultra-low power designs and in very high voltage analog functionalities allowing optimal performance and a high level of integration. We maintain medical grade level on our entire manufacturing flow including wafer manufacturing, assembly and test.

Process capabilities

  • Ultra-low-power ASICs
  • High Voltage ASICs (up to 1600V)
  • MRI tolerant designs

Efficient Development

  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • Experienced Design team (>30 years)
  • Low NREs using Multi-Projects-Wafers (MPW)

Medical Grade Turn-Key Manufacturing

  • Medical grade manufacturing flow
  • ISO-9001 Supply Chain
  • Low and High Volume

Solutions for Implantable Defibrillators


  • IGBT Driver: High Side IGBT/FET driver delivering 40J +
  • Circuit Charger: Charging Capacitor Bank with no bulky transformer
  • Capacitor discharging: Discharge Capacitor Bank in controlled fashion
  • Voltage Sensing: Monitor Capacitor Bank in to insure proper discharging

Transient Surge Suppressors (TSS) for Pacemaker and Neurostimulators


  • Smallest TSS device for pacemaker
  • 20nSec Clamping Speed
  • +/- 12V Nominal Break-Over Voltage
  • Low leakage current
  • MRI Compatible
  • Multiple Configuration available: