INTRODUCING  |  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch  
  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch
A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half‑bridge high‑side switch


1200V Current limiter with enable and over‑temperature protection

The 17SCT004A is a high-voltage current limiter with overtemperature protection. When the enable signal is applied, the high voltage (HV) terminal sinks a constant current that is temperature limited. Upon removing the enable signal, the 17SCT004A presents a very-high resistance to the HV terminal. The sink current can be user-programmed to 4 target values for maximum system flexibility. In all case the maximum junction temperature is internally limited to about 150C. This allows the 17SCT004A to very efficiently discharge high-voltage capacitors when needed while protecting itself and surrounding circuitry.


  • Maximum Voltage:1200 V
  • 4 Programmable Current (4.6, 8, 15 and 21mA)
  • No External Components
  • Simple 3 Terminals Operation
  • Temperature-Limited Current
  • Low Off-State Current
  • Available as wire-bondable or Flip-Chip (Bumped)


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