Current Limiters / Regulators

Current Limiter CL2 LED driver

CL1/CL2 Temperature Compensated Unipolar Current Regulators

CL2 CL200 Current Limiter LED Driver

The CL1 and CL2 product family are temperature-compensated unipolar current regulators with versions available from 5mA to 30mA. They are designed to be used with voltages from 6V to 250V DC and the temperature coefficient is optimized from –40C to 125C. SimpleChips’ unipolar current regulator can source or sink constant current. For high voltage applications a heat sink can be connected to the Ground pin (Source), or the device can be mounted on a larger copper plate used as a heat sink. These devices can be paralleled for larger current drives or connected back-to-back for AC current limiting function.




• Limits and regulates current.
• 5mA, 10mA, 15mA, 20mA, 30mA versions.
• Rejects 50Hz / 60Hz ripple.
• Fast 2µSec settling time.
• <15% Overshoot.
• No external components.
• 250V Maximum Operating Voltage.
• Can be paralleled for higher current.


• Serial LED drivers for industrial lamp indicators, signage, accent lighting, and automotive lighting.
• Power limiter in transformer input stage (mounted back to back).
• Constant current source or sink.
• Current reference or level translator.
• Laser diode driver for VCSELs used in Optical Networking.

Download CL1 Datasheet

Download CL2 Datasheet

17SCT004A 1200V Current Limiter with Enable and Over-Temperature Protection

1200V current limiterThe 17SCT004A is a high-voltage current limiter with overtemperature protection. When the enable signal is applied, the high voltage (HV) terminal sinks a constant current that is temperature limited. Upon removing the enable signal, the 17SCT004A presents a very-high resistance to the HV terminal. The sink current can be user-programmed to 4 target values for maximum system flexibility. In all case the maximum junction temperature is internally limited to about 150C. This allows the 17SCT004A to very efficiently discharge high-voltage capacitors when needed while protecting itself and surrounding circuitry.


• Maximum Voltage:1200 V
• 4 Programmable Current (4.6, 8, 15 and 21mA)
• No External Components
• Simple 3 Terminals Operation
• Temperature-Limited Current
• Low Off-State Current
• Available as wire-bondable or Flip-Chip (Bumped)

Download 17SCT004 Datasheet