High Side IGBT/FET Gate Drivers

16SCT000 - Transformer-Coupled FET/IGBT Gate Driver

The 16SCT000 is an IGBT/MOSFET gate driver (15V nominal Vg) chip to control the conduction state of a high-side switch from the secondary of a small high voltage isolation transformer. The 16SCT000 will drive the gate of the HV switch above the emitter/source while the secondary winding of the transformer drives the complementary input signals. Upon cessation of the input drive signals, the 16SCT000 quickly clamps the gate to the emitter/source terminal to ensure fast turns off.

Features:                                                                               Typical H-Bridge Application:

• Maximum Voltage: 30 V
• Transformer Drive provides HV isolation
• No other external components required
• Fast IGBT Turn-On & Turn-Off Times




16SCT001 - 1200V Direct-Coupled FET IGBT Gate Driver

The 16SCT001E is a high-voltage (1200V max) direct coupled MOSFET / IGBT gate driver typically used in systems requiring the ability to control the conduction state of a high-voltage (HV) MOSFET / IGBT switch. The chip has built-in circuitry to drive the MOSFET / IGBT gate above the HV supply to ensure that the transistor is adequately saturated.

Features:                                                                  Typical H-Bridge Application: 

• Maximum Blocking Voltage. . . 1200 V
• Zero External Components
• Direct Drive From Low-Voltage Control Signals
• MOSFET / IGBT Gate-Emitter Overdrive Circuitry
• Fast IGBT Turn-On & Turn-Off Times
• Low HV Current
• Ultra-Low Idle Current