INTRODUCING  |  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch  
  A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half-bridge high-side switch
A revolutionary 1200V 15A fully integrated half‑bridge high‑side switch


2-channel Rad-Hard Residual Current Device

The 15SCT000C is a a dual-channel control circuit intended for application in a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCBO) or Residual Current Device (RCD). It features precision sense amplifiers and window comparators for sensing any imbalance in a current transformer, integrated together with fault integration timers and fault latches. External components configure the circuit for sensitivities of 10mA or 30mA as well as different line voltages. The circuit features allow trip feedback and active noise filters to minimize power-on and nuisance tripping.


  • RCD Type A, AC & F
  • Dual Channel
  • Fast Tripping
  • Optional Ground Fault sensing
  • No External Components
  • Small foot print: QFN-24 5x5mm


  • Industrial RCD or RCBO Installations

Typical Application

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